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Usher – Your one-stop shop for all access solutions


Ask any major player in the construction game their list of bugbears and being forced to coordinate multiple contractors would rank high on the list. 

Multiple contractors means multiple phone calls, multiple emails, multiple negotiations, multiple invoices and, at the end of the day, multiple headaches. 

That’s why Usher Access Solutions is one of the construction industry’s best headache remedies. 

Usher Group founder Theo Vairaktaris long ago realised there was an increasing demand for a one-stop shop when it came to access solutions and set about establishing UAS Access as a force across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. 

Now under the banner of Usher Access Solutions, he has grown the division to the point where it can provide the resources and know-how to tackle any type and scale of commercial, industrial or civils works projects. 

We’re talking industry-leading swing stages, mast climbers and the very latest aluminium scaffolding equipment.  

More importantly, Theo is a big believer in investing in people and he’s assembled a team at Usher Access Solutions that not only continues to deliver for him but their clients. 

Under the leadership of industry expert Danny Miller, our team of QBCC licensed and accredited abseilers are some of the best in the business and passionate about providing high quality services in a timely manner. 

They are supervised, organised, well-managed and trained to work in with a client’s specific requirements, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise given who is running the ship. 

Danny not only heads up Usher Access Solutions but, as a board member of the Scaffolding Association of Queensland, he plays a vital role in shaping the highest quality and safety standards within the Australian access industry. 

From his emphasis on safety to his commitment to delivering the very best experience for his customers, he’s at the top of his game.  

And that is great news for construction bosses, not to mention the fact Usher Access Solutions’ cost-effective approach eliminates the need for them to coordinate multiple contractors and thus reduce their administration costs. 

And, as we all know, less contractors and less invoices means less headaches. 

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