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Save Money with Electrical Maintenance


Consider the risks associated with electrical appliances. From unplanned repairs, safety risks, compliance and inefficiency, most issues associated with electrical appliances boil down to poor or insufficient maintenance and are preventable utilising Usher Group Electrical Services!

Repairing faulty electrical equipment is expensive and can have a knock-on effect. To avoid unexpected costs from repairs, it’s crucial to maintain equipment on a regular basis.

Additionally, exposure to live parts, shocks, burns, and fire or explosions due to faulty electrical equipment are more common than we think. In Australia, approximately 20 deaths and 1065 hospitalisations occur each year from electrical-related accidents and injuries. Nearly 70% of such injuries relate to appliance/equipment problems. These safety complications can also be mitigated with regular equipment maintenance.

Compliance is another important concern – laws governing frequent testing and inspection vary from state to state, but they are always enforced in some capacity. Failure to adhere to compliance requirements guarantees hefty fines, furthering the cost already associated with poor electrical maintenance and safety concerns.

Moreover, when electrical leaks, outdated lighting and high-consumption appliances go unchecked, energy expenses and inefficiency can overwhelm your business.

The preventability of these risks – unplanned repairs, safety risks, compliance and inefficiency – showcase the importance of implementing a regular electrical maintenance plan on all electrical fittings and devices. This helps to not only keep your property safe, but also improves cost-effectiveness, performance and safety.

Hiring the Right Contractor

Electrical systems are not often front of mind – you rarely walk past your wiring and notice frayed wires with a worn casting as they are usually locked away in cabinets. By carrying out regular electrical maintenance, you will foresee costly or dangerous situations and have them repaired before they begin to affect the rest of your property.

To explore electrical maintenance options for your business, speak to the Usher Group and we will structure a plan and provide you with the best possible solution.

Statistics Source: Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council

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