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Polished Plaster

Usher Rendering are the specialist in applying a range of luxurious polished plaster finishes. We create a vibrant, unique look to most surfaces in your property using our specialised products and application methods.
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Unique Finish

Usher Group  delivers truly unique polished plaster finishes, with subtle texture and lustrous finishes that epitomises timeless elegance, bringing a slice of Italian history to your property. Polished plaster can be customised to suit the style of your property, from highly textured, polished to a gentle gleam or a high-gloss, mirror-like glaze. There are many bold colours, pearlescent or metallic finishes, or a pared-back neutral tones. Polished plaster can also be applied to mimic the look of natural stones, such as marble, travertine or limestone.


Polished plaster is very versatile and can be applied to many surface types including new or existing plaster wall, brick, stone, tiles or cement boards. Polished plaster creates a durable natural looking finish, adding depth and texture to any surface. The finished result is a striking luminous shine and makes any surface stand out.

Durability is another excellent advantage of polished plaster. The process has proven its durability over many years, making it the most practical option in many different environments.



Polished Plaster Projects

300 George Street Brisbane
The lobby of 300 George Street’s commercial building had 12 nine-metre-high columns in the foyer. Each column took a team 4-5 renderers a week to complete using a mix of scissor and boom lifts. Each column required a precise and expertly applied series of specialised products to complete the desired look

Services required:


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