Achieve a 55% Return on Investment by Painting

Considering Painting as one of the most cost-effective methods to add value to your property

You may be considering a variety of building works or renovations to increase the value of your property. Painting is often overlooked as the most cost effective way to add value and to make the biggest impact. The appearance of your property can have an impact on public perception and will ultimately impact your business growth or the sale price if you’re considering selling. A fresh coat of paint will make your property look fresh, modern and ultimately more appealing to prospective buyers.
But doing it yourself, using a one man tradie or doing a less than an average job can cost you considerably. Poor painting workmanship or half finished projects will devalue the property. Ultimately, a professional painting contracting team with good resources, will complete the work quickly, provide a higher standard of finish and most importantly, provide a warranty and accountability.

According to Sam Varrica, director of Raine & Horne in Sydney’s Five Dock
“It’s a simple way to add life and shine to what could be a stale space. No case is the same, but a nice paint job may add five per cent or so to a sale price. What it certainly will do is make it easier to get a timely result.”

CTAP Repairs

Fixing Damaged Paint

If the paint finish is damaged, peeling, or in poor condition, you’ll definitely want to paint before putting your property on the market. You don’t want to create the impression that the property will require a lot of work.
CTAP Paint

Choosing the Right Paint

Consider using eco- friendly low VOC paint to minimise disturbance to employees or tenants. With external paintwork, enquire about tough and long- lasting paint that will withstand your local weather conditions.
CTAP Colour

Choosing the Right Colours

Choosing the right colour is crucial. Go neutral. Paint with greys, whites, creams, mochas and other neutral colours. Something that doesn’t ‘stand out’ but that compliments itself and its surroundings.

CTAP Schedule

Scheduling the Work

Think about whether you have the property painted within work hours or afterhours. The afterhours cost may be more, but the disruption to your business activities could pose an even greater cost.

A well presented property does more than just catch the eye, it delivers a message, confirms the credibility of a business or property, and connects with people emotionally. You only have seconds to make a visual impression. Your property needs to be clean and well-kept, and give prospective customers a strong feeling about your brand or the building. A perspective renter or buyer will find it easier to connect with a property that looks fresh and clean.


Hiring the right contractor

A good contractor will conduct an on site inspection prior to commencing, providing a detailed proposal with proposed products, access methods, photos and a cost breakdown for every aspect of the project.
When painting commercial properties, if employees or tenants are present, a good contractor will manage the coordination of people to ensure there is minimal disruption. This saves you having
to mediate any issues and enables you to let the painting continue without needing your input. If you’re considering selling your property, talk to a painting expert to discuss the best methods for increasing your commercial property value prior to sale.
If you’re considering painting your property you should opt for a trusted contractor. The Usher Group are the most trusted contractor across Australia and will provide you with the most cost effective painting solution.