The Most Cost Effective Marketing Strategy

Good signage tells the customer your story

Signage is an important cost effective marketing strategy for your business. Signage could be anything from complex building signage, simple window signage or point of sale signage. While each of these may serve a different purpose, if done right, good signage provides your customers and potential customers with important communication cues, increases brand awareness, and in the end, it can help convert a sale.

It’s important to remember that a customer’s takeaway isn’t just your logo, it’s the entire experience from introduction to the sale, and everything in between. Presenting your customers with clear, concise, and branded signage is an important part of your business marketing strategy.

CTAS cost

One Off Investment

Without significant outlay signs unlike other forms of marketing, provide a viable one off investment. Especially when you consider the number of people your signage will reach. Once your signs have been erected there are no further costs.
CTAS brand

A Valid Brand

Signage is so vital to being a successful business because it shows potential customers that you area a reputable business. Signage can help you build your brand, direct customers to your business and expose you to new customers.
CTAS campaign

Ongoing Campaign

Unlike online advertising, social media or other marketing activities, which usually only run for a limited period of time, your signage will be up and visible continuously, no matter what time of day or night it is. And you don’t have to deal with ‘likes’ or ‘followers’.

CTAS emotion

Emotional Impact

Done well, good sign should elicit feelings and help create emotional connections and responses. Choosing the right colours can evoke psychological reactions and subconscious connections in potential customers.

What to think about

  • Provide clear communication in your signage. Excessive information can overload potential customers. Pay attention to font types, to colours and how they contrast.
  • Keep consistency in your look and style. Also ensure your sign reflects your brand character. Sometimes you only get that one first impression.
  • It’s essential that your signage is simply and quickly explains what your brand and business is about. This is where your messaging needs to be clear.
  • Consider your location, it’s important to stand out from competitors and surrounding businesses.
There is a correlation between how good your signage is and how people believe that it reflects on the product or service you provide. The quality, design and visual impact of signage can be directly attributed to how people view your business.

Hiring the right contractor

Signage is extremely cost-effective marketing strategy compared to advertising such as email, social media, and conventional media such as television, radio and print. Signage, is a one-time, up- front cost that can last almost indefinitely, making it a sensible investment. For all of the above reasons, good signage is a viable marketing strategy that will lead to a better customer experience and lower cost of acquisition.

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