Improve Efficiency on Your Next Building Project

An Integrated service solution provides many advantages

Consider the economics of running a project with multiple independent trades. The costs involved are substantial. It, therefore, follows logically that the more service providers you use, the more overhead and risk you’re exposed to. In contrast, when you do business with one company that’s capable of providing multiple services your spend and time is consolidated.

Working with one service provider will ensure that your project is better managed and that the provided solutions are properly integrated and work together with no effort from your side which is the complete opposite of working with individual service providers where integration is extremely difficult. Having a properly integrated service solution also ensures that if any issues exist you won’t have to spend a lot of time and effort working with them to get your problem resolved.

CTAB one

One Service Provider

Having a dedicated team working collaboratively and combining resources and services not only improves productivity, it ensures a consistent standard. For a project to run effectively every cog needs to be supported. One service provider has better insight over the entire project.
CTAM calculation

Cost Analysis

A multiple service provider has a keen insight into the real cost of the project , having a more holistic view. Understanding these costs more intimately helps drive better project planning, improved budgeting and helps identify potential cost savings.
CTAA Safety

Health & Safety

It is vital that standards are complied with for the health and safety of employees and for insurance purposes. Having one service provider ensures everyone is approaching the project from the same perspective, is following the same guidelines and meeting the same standards.
CTAB knowledge

Expert Knowledge

A combined team of skilled and experienced professionals will ensure that every task is carried out seamlessly and in the best manner possible. You can also take advantage of being supported by a team who is constantly reviewing the latest industry best practices and technology.

One Service Provider

  • The first step is developing a project overview. Start planning long before the actual project begins, and continue revising and developing plans until the project ends.
  • Make sure you fully define the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder and who will need to approve what.
  • Get the scope and detail in writing to ensure everyone knows what they must do. Ask for samples or set up a prototype area on the project so that you can sign off on an agreed standard.
  • Develop a project schedule, but most importantly, get everyone to agree to the timelines.
  • Establish guidelines for working on site. Confirm start and finish dates and work times to
    minimise disruption.
  • Establish a process for modifications or changes so that there is an appropriate approval process and the project schedule is not affected.
  • Communication is essential to every phase of any project. Establish a flow of communication with everyone on the ground and every stakeholder and supplier in the plan.

Hiring the right contractor

Spending thousands of dollars on projects, only to be left disappointed in the process and quality of the work completed is frustrating. Even worse, having to spend more time and money managing or repairing the deficiencies of the initial contractor is even more frustrating.

If you’re looking to start a new project, why not consider an integrated service solution. The Usher Group will manage every aspect of your project needs and provide you with the best possible options