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Remedial Repairs

Usher Rendering Solutions also offers remedial repairs as an extension of our expert rendering and painting preparation services. With almost 20 years’ remedial building works experience, we carry out long lasting surface repairs to guarantee the highest quality finishes.


Tailored remedial repairs

Cracks in concrete or render can be caused by stress and loading conditions, extreme weather, shrinkage and movements caused by external factors. When cracks appear, and the integrity of building surfaces are compromised, water combined with carbon dioxide forms an acid that can cause major structural issues.

At Usher Rendering Solutions, we specialise in repairing surface cracks and concrete cancer to minimise these types of issues occurring. Each remedial repairs project at Usher Rendering Solutions is assessed on a case by case basis and manage by our onsite Project Manager.

Depending on the width or length of the cracks or whether they’re horizontal or vertical, we’ll apply the most appropriate treatment. Our technicians are highly skilled in the latest epoxy injection techniques as well as other forms of effective remedial building works solutions.

We partner with you to make sure each project meets the quality standards required in the time scales you specify minimising any disruption to your day-to-day activities.


Adina Apartment Hotel Brisbane
Hutchinson Builders
Completed full external wash & restore of the heritage facade, complete internal fit out of both heritage and new construction sections, render and lead paint removal. With specialty features including wallpaper to the ceilings and stairwells.

Services required:

Painting, Rendering, Access
Amira Gold Coast
Full Facade remediation

Services required:

Charlie Brisbane
Full facade remediation

Services required:


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