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5 Reasons You Should Become a Tradie


Usher Group founder Theodore Vairaktaris is a passionate man at the best of times but ask him about the benefits of becoming a tradie and that passion soars. 

“If someone is debating whether to start a university degree or a trade-based apprenticeship, they’d be crazy not to pursue the latter,” he says. “It blows my mind that trade jobs can continue to be underrated at a time when they provide better financial returns and more stability than ever.” 

To reinforce his case, Theodore has shared his top five reasons why becoming a tradie makes good sense and with Usher Group continuing to invest heavily in apprentices, opportunities abound across our several divisions and states. 

Cheaper Education Costs 

Don’t be fooled by cute terms like HECS and HELP. Such government initiatives are loans – plain and simple – and they put tertiary students behind the financial eight ball before they have even started their careers. Whereas tradies get paid to learn the ropes during their apprenticeships, university students are likely to graduate with huge debts and spend the early years of their careers in low-paying positions. University life sounds great but carries massive risks, especially for people yet to decide what profession they even want. 

Job Security 

We’ve all heard about university students who graduate with a piece of paper but no job. Now consider that trade skills are in high demand and you’ll appreciate why pursuing an apprenticeship is a great choice. Construction alone is the country’s fourth largest industry, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, and employs 1.1 million people – and that number is on the rise. At a time when job security is a real fear for many people, tradies can feel increasingly safe about what the future holds. 

Get Paid to Train 

Tradies get the best of both worlds when it comes to learning their craft. While all apprentices need to learn the theory behind their trade, they spend most of their time getting hands-on experience in their field. No sitting around in lecture theatres discussing what the real world is like. Instead, they are out there experiencing it. Better still, they are getting paid to learn and by the time their university mates are finally graduating, they have several years of earning behind – and plenty more to come. 

Flexible Working Hours  

Tradies toil hard, no doubt about it, but they also have working hours that many professional mates look at with envy. Early starts may be the norm but the pay-off is they knock off earlier in the afternoon and get to make the most of those precious daylight hours. While corporates are stuck in offices until the sun is going down, tradies are catching a few waves, playing with their kids or just chilling at home. And that’s without mentioning self-employed tradies who get to work when and where they want because they are their own boss. 

Multiple Career Paths 

You only have to look at Usher Group’s senior leaders to appreciate that pursuing an apprenticeship is just the first step on your career journey. Many of our team started out in the field but now find themselves in management positions and running their own crews after grabbing the chance to broaden their scope and skills base. We are big believers in promoting our own and while starting a trade may be the biggest decision in your life right now, Usher Group will continue to present education and learning opportunities to ensure you get the most out of your career. 

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