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Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct represents our core values and our guiding principles. The Usher Group have clear standards around ethical conduct, including bullying, sexual harassment, anti-discrimination, leadership and conduct. Our Codes provide guidance on how we should conduct our business, no matter what project were working on.

Usher Group Code of Conduct



Usher Group managers at all levels are more concerned with leading and inspiring people to add value to the Company rather than with exercising formal authority. They have a passion for building and sustaining an environment where people have a sense of personal commitment to their work and give their best to promote our Company’s success.


Usher Groups Code of Conduct outlines the required standard of acceptable conduct and behaviour that is expected of all employees and contractors in the performance of their duties. This supports Usher Group’s ability to maintain public trust and confidence in the integrity and professionalism of the services provided to our client’s.

Bullying & Sexual Harassment

The Usher Group provides a safe working environment that ensures equal opportunity and is free from unlawful harassment and bullying for all employees and clients. We have a commitment to diversity, which embodies sensitive and ethical appreciation and recognition of differences, encouraging inclusiveness, participation and diversity.

Anti Discrimination

The Usher Group is actively committed to protecting the rights of both Employees and Clients by providing an environment which values and affirms diversity and is free from Discrimination, Bullying, Harassment, Victimisation and Vilification.