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Preventative Equipment Maintenance Could Save You 12-18%


Conducting regular maintenance of your businesses’ equipment is vital for long-term cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Studies suggest businesses who are completely reliant on reactive maintenance can save an average of 10 to 12 per cent by investing in preventative maintenance.

Reactive maintenance is simply not cost-effective, regular maintenance assures problematic situations are handled before they can become a larger (and more expensive) issue.

With equipment lifespan, productivity and cost on the line, a Preventative Maintenance Plan is your best plan for healthy, low-cost, and long-lived equipment. The Usher Group HVAC services will manage your maintenance needs and provide you with cost-effective solutions.


Preventive maintenance plans ensure all equipment is running according to manufacturer guidelines. When poorly performing parts are regularly updated, equipment performs at a steady level of productivity throughout the year. This reduces the frequency of capital expenditure needed to purchase new equipment.


Poor maintenance strategies can reduce an organisation’s production capacity by 20 per cent. Modern preventative maintenance solutions allow owners to focus on essential equipment, assign recurring maintenance and review equipment history to help adopt the best possible maintenance strategy.

Calculate Downtime

Failing to calculate the true cost of downtime is one of the biggest errors that business owners can make. True downtime costs include loss in staff productivity and production, hours lost to rescheduling and unexpected repairs, all of which can be improved with preventative maintenance.

Reduced Costs

Using equipment to the point of failure can be up to 10 times more expensive than performing regular maintenance. Businesses that adopt planned maintenance experience fewer breakdowns, which translates to greater output and less costly repairs.

One study by Jones Lang LaSalle revealed a telecommunications company experienced a 545 per cent return on investment when implementing a preventative maintenance plan!

By putting a preventative maintenance plan in place, failures can be detected and fixed before they lead to costly downtime. Businesses that adopt an overall preventive maintenance philosophy simply save more money than those that do not.

With so many factors and risks to consider, putting preventative maintenance into action seems intimidating. For a comprehensive and cost-effective solution, talk to the Usher Group, where we will manage every aspect of your maintenance needs.

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