Achieve Significant Cost Savings by Rendering

Rendering offers many significant benefits you may not be aware of

It’s no surprise that your property will likely degrade over a period of time. Exposure to the elements and general wear and tear all play a part in the degradation process. There are steps you can take to protect your property from the elements, improve kerbside appeal and increase property values. Render will do just that. Rendering is incredibly popular and can be applied to many surfaces, creating a number of finishes.
Typically, render is applied to the outside of a property, but inside, it can create accent walls and unique features. There are many different types of render to choose from, and all of them protect exposed bricks and other construction materials from erosion and cracking; preventing expensive maintenance or repairs in the future.

CTAR appearance


Rendering will instantly transform your property, providing a new contemporary look. Rendering is particularly beneficial if the property is out dated and built using older styled red or blonde bricks such as those used in the 1970’s.

CTAR protection


One of the most important reasons for rendering a wall is protection. Sound walls are essential to structural integrity of any property. Rendering walls protects the substrate from the elements, reducing deterioration over time.
CTAR moisture

Moisture Penetration

Moisture is the most common cause of structural deterioration. Over the long term, moisture penetration can cause cracks, spalling, corrosion and other adverse effects. Rendering a wall will safeguard against moisture penetration.

CTAR insulation


Render provides an extra layer to an existing wall, therefore it improves the thermal properties. It means heating or cooling is not escaping through the walls. You can save cost on utility bills and become more energy efficient.

Rendering is such an effective way to add value to unsightly walls.

There are so many options when it comes to the look you’re after. Render finishes range from ultra smooth, to a variety of textures. Decorative effects such as patterns, swirls, stone or even marbling are possible . Render also comes in a depth of colour choices depending on what type of render is chosen.


Bagging render

Inexpensive finish providing a unified look.


Sand cement render

Traditional cost effective finish.


Acrylic render

Many colours & superior water resistance.


Rough Cast render

Provides an aged Tuscan look.


Polished Plaster

Vibrant colour with a luxurious look.

Hiring the right contractor

When it comes to your rendering budget, the initial cost factor is the square meters you intend to cover. Be mindful that not everything can be calculated on square meter rates. Detailed areas, such as columns and moldings will add cost to the project. Next is the type of render you intend applying. Cement rendered is relatively standard in the industry. It’s tough, versatile and the most cost effective. Acrylic render is slightly more expensive, but in terms of performance its less likely to crack with temperatures fluctuations, making it a viable option for areas with dramatic climates changes.
If you’re considering rendering and want to know how you can transform you property speak to the Usher Group. We will conduct a detailed inspection of your property and provide you with the best render options.