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Summertime Blues: How to Avoid a Costly Refrigeration Experience this Season


Heading into the warmer months of the year, many businesses will find themselves facing issues with their refrigeration systems. Some of these issues can be easily avoided by having the right knowledge and understanding of what to look out for. 

Usher Group Refrigeration Project Manager, Michael Negrepontis, has come up with some quick tips and tricks to avoid a costly experience. 

“After many years working in and around commercial refrigeration systems within businesses, a common cause of a service call is due to a lack of care of the owner’s equipment. This is often an expensive endeavour due to a lengthy build up between servicing,” said Michael,

“There are many ways an owner can reduce the risk of their system failing by checking for a build up of dust, rubbish and other disposable materials.” 


  • Where possible, visually inspect the condenser coil on the machine. Often a build up of dust and or rubbish can cause a blockage. If this is left untreated, the blockage can cause a flow on effect of issues to the refrigeration system. Such as condenser fan failure and compressor failure. These issues can be very costly and could require further work that could have otherwise been avoided. 
  • If you find your systems internal temperature rising, a possible issue could be a build up of ice on the evaporator. This issue can be caused by blocked drains and evaporator fans not operating correctly. To remedy these issues, a professional service provider would need to inspect the system before correcting the issue as more complications could arise. 
  • General tidiness in and around the refrigeration system is another element that is important to consider. As a lack of care and ventilation is also a large cause of service failure in systems. Ensuring enough space for ventilation is available seems like a simple enough task but can often be overlooked. 
  • Something to be aware of about your system is uncharacteristic noise or heat coming from the refrigeration system. This can be a clear indication that there is an issue that needs further attention to avoid a costly outcome. Common sounds could include: a high-pitched sound, ticking or grinding sounds coming from fan motors. 

The four issues that have been identified are the most common and easily identifiable issues an owner and operate can spot. With this knowledge, it makes it easier to reduce the potential cost and inconvenience to a business and allow a qualified technician to service the system. 

Usher Group Refrigeration offers 24/7 call-out servicing, breakdown, and preventative maintenance across South East Queensland.

For more information about the Usher Group Refrigeration Services contact Michael Negrepontis on 0426 296 673


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