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Why Apprenticeships Matter at Usher Group


There has been a trend in recent years that has seen the number of trade-based apprenticeships fall across Australia.

Not so at Usher Group.

At a time when apprentices and trainees in trade occupations decreased from 216,600 to 175,000 in two and a half years, Usher Group continues to invest heavily in the young men and women it considers crucial to the future of not only our business but the entire construction and trades industry.

“Supporting the industry and community by offering these opportunities allows us to invest productively in an individual’s personal growth and contribute to our company’s core values of growth and staff investment,” Queensland Operations Manager Brooke Corrie said.

“Fostering career development enables us as a company to grow. Nurturing staff and encouraging a supportive network to help develop their skills and establish their roles builds relationships and creates a team of employees who are passionate, accountable, committed and loyal.”

Usher Group is currently nurturing 18 site-based apprentices across several divisions and states, with the rookies adding their talent and potential to the more than 500 colleagues that form the ‘Usher Family’.

And if there’s one man who appreciates what the youngsters bring to the company more than anyone else it is Usher Group owner Theodore Vairaktaris, who turned his back on two university degrees in favour of becoming a painter and now oversees a business that turns over $83 million per year.

As the 42-year-old recently told news.com.au: “I feel that sometimes when people say they are going to be a tradie, they are looked at the wrong way but if someone says they are going to uni after high school, they are congratulated.

“But people working on high-rise construction, for example, are on huge money compared to people who do a degree. After four years (of uni) they come out and start on $50,000 but our guys earn potentially double that after four years.

“I always tell my upcoming tradies that if they are thinking they would like to start their own business, it means they already have the passion so go for it and have a crack. Get stuck into it and it will be the best decision they every make.”

That passion is what Theodore is famous for and while he never likes to farewell a quality employee, he’s all about helping people reach their potential.

And thanks to Usher Group’s commitment to apprenticeships, more and more young tradies are getting to do just that.

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