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The Importance of Maintaining Your Property


Usher Group Building and Maintenance Services.

Maintenance is something that impacts any homeowner, builder, developer and architect continuously throughout the lifespan of a building. It is an essential part of building any project as it ensures the longevity of a building into the future and minimises future expenses through moisture and damage from the elements. So why is it that some builders, architects, property owners do not take advantage of ongoing maintenance and engaged in maintenance plans for their investments?

This can often be an unknown cost, broad expense or a cost option for some in the very early stages of building that may not seem relevant, but it could mean the difference between an expensive future or a minimal costs one. 

Did you know once a building has been completed there is an outlined warranty on the coating systems and other building surfaces? Even though the manufacturers specify this timeframe, there are rules and guidelines that need to be followed to adhere to the warranty. Majority of the time this is only valid if the building is washed down and maintained on an annual basis the frequency of which is determined by the location and exposure to coastal elements such as salt air. 

At the Usher Group, the staff in our Building and Maintenance division are skilled in providing in-depth customised maintenance plans to suit your project or building requirements. The benefit of having a maintenance plan in place is that you are covered for any repairs that may arise from a possible product fault or failure.

The Usher Group understands that your place of business or investment is as important to you as your own home. We place great emphasis on providing a personal experience, delivered to a professional standard to exceed any expectation and ensure you get a return on your investment.

Mark Knowles, Building and Maintenance Manager explains how the Usher Group can tailor make your maintenance plan to suit your project. 

“By having these plans in place, you’re protecting your property for the future. Living in a coastal environment such as the Gold Coast, it is more important to be proactive regarding your residence, investment property or place of business. Building wash downs and maintenance plans not only keep your building looking its best, but will also adhere to any external coating system warranty that is in place if something where to fail.”

Another benefit of having a maintenance plan in place on your building or project is that it provides a fast and dependable option for repairs, maintenance and any structural or safety issues. Having a maintenance plan in place means you will not need to organise multiple quotes with different contractors, because the Usher Group will have already highlighted any rectification issues that requires attention and once approval is given will rectify accordingly.

Being proactive in maintaining your property will save you time and money in the future. 

Choose to be Proactive
Choose to be Prepared
Choose USHER.

Usher Maintenance Man

If you are interested in receiving a quote for a maintenance plan for your property or building, contact Usher Group Building and Maintenance Manager Mark Knowles on 0434 203 334 or mark.k@ushergroup.com.

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