Ineffective Access Methods Could Be Costing You Money

Developing a diverse Access Solution is key

Choosing the right access equipment is critical to the success of your project. There are a number of important factors to consider when choosing an Access Solution for your project.

  • Ensure working heights are accurately measured
  • Will you be using tools on the work platform? Mobile platforms offers little to no storage, whilst suspended platforms and towers provide greater capacity. Although be mindful of the weight of items being lifted.
  • Is the ground level? The condition of the ground you are working on will dictate what type of access you choose
  • What obstructions exist. Are there obstacles to navigate like steelwork, cabling etc. What space is available when setting up equipment.
CTAB knowledge

Wholistic approach

We all know that one approach doesn’t fit every scenario. That’s why using a tailored access solution makes more sense. This means you get the most appropriate and cost effective equipment for each individual aspect of the project.

CTAA set up

Set up costs

You should always consider mobilsation, time constraints and disruption when selecting access equipment. Look for solutions that minimise these issues.
Look for access options that can be erected and dismantled quickly.

CTAB safety


Safety is paramount. Only use equipment that is up to date and regarded as
the safest in the industry.
Ask for equipment testing records to validate equipment safety. Most importantly, make sure you are provided adequate training.

CTAM productivity


Using the right combination of Access equipment will help with productivity. In some instances other forms of access equipment may be cheaper to hire, but are ineffective because productivity rates are hindered.

What are the different types of access equipment best used for?

Mast Climbers

Mast climbers are a sensible option particularly when dealing with installations or heavier loads. They have high payload capacities. Mast climbers will reach up to 200m and depending on configuration they will accommodate up to 6 people. They are particularly effective when it comes to facade works, complex building designs, overhanging or receding sections.

Suspended Platforms

Suspended platforms are modular, so can be applied to numerous configurations. Suspended Platforms will reach up to 200m and depending on the configuration will accommodate multiple people thus improving productivity. The biggest advantage is that they are easily transported and erected on site in very little time.


Scaffolding is generally suited to large scale, long term projects and takes an element of planning and erection time. If you’re looking for efficiencies, Scaffold puts workers directly where they need to work. Every Scaffolding project is unique. Most importantly, scaffold can be catered to suit the complexity of you project.


Hiring the right contractor

If you’re thinking of saving money by using the cheapest access equipment it actually may cost more in the long run. The Usher Group offers a wide range of access solutions for most applications. Most importantly, our access solution provides a combination of equipment tailored to suit your project. All of our access products are engineered and tested to meet or exceed legal requirements.
If you would like to learn more about the right access solution and how your project can benefit from it, talk to the Usher Group. We will complete a comprehensive review and provide you with the most efficient access solution.